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LaShay LaVae

Chocolate Raspberry Pie Wax Melts

Chocolate Raspberry Pie Wax Melts

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Hand poured wax melts in a blend of soy and paraffin wax. Each melt weights about 3 oz and can be snapped off into pieces. Each pie is decorated with a bottom (crust), hand pipped whipped wax, fuchsia color drizzle, chocolate chips and raspberries.

The scent notes are:

Top Notes: ripe raspberry, green stems

Mid Notes: dark chocolate

Bottom Notes: vanilla, musk

How to use wax melts: Break off as much as desired depending on size of wax warmer and enjoy the aroma for 6-8 hours. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your device. Melted wax will be very hot, do not leave unattended or near children.

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