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LaShay LaVae

Key Lime Pie Wax Melt

Key Lime Pie Wax Melt

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Hand poured wax melts in a blend of soy wax blend. Each square weight about 3oz. Each square is a key lime pie scented square then topped with hand piped whipped soy blend wax, key lime scented crumbles and a lime wax embed.

KeyLime scent is a tangy lime is blended with sweet orange and fresh lemon to create the citrus signature of this scent. Green tones help fortify the citrus accord as it leads to a base of sweet baked meringue.

Fragrance Notes: Top - Citrus, Lime Middle - Green Bottom - Baked Meringue

These are hand by made be me in small batches so each will look a little different but the overall design is the same.

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